ROMIR is Russia's largest private research company. It has been successfully developing since 1987. It is part of M-Holding.

ROMIR is the leader of deep scientific and practical knowledge about man and society. The company relies on traditional science and its own innovations in its work. Our knowledge and solutions are unique and operational, stable and verified.

The focus of our study is Person in the broadest sense of the word. A Рerson is a family member, colleague, consumer, citizen. We know what he lives, what he thinks and talks about, what he dreams about, what he buys, what he watches and listens to, what he chooses and whom. We help businesses to study their consumers. We help the state to get to know its citizens better. We help people navigate the modern world. To make the family, society, and country happier and more successful.

ROMIR implements a full range of research on various markets and spheres of society, focusing on three areas: psychodemography, social psychology and human-centered marketing.

ROMIR widely practices specialized marketing research (Ad-Hoc), research using the technology of professional audits "Mystery shopping".

Studies based on data from the Russian households' own consumption panel are highlighted separately. It is based on the unique development of ROMIR specialists — the technological longitudinal platform Unified Data Panel, which has been accumulating information about the consumption of Russians for more than 15 years. Today, the panel receives data from 40,000 consumers in 240 cities and towns of the country. The sample represents the entire population of Russia.