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02 Июля 2018

Specificities of modern TV viewing

Romir research holding has developed the media panel – Single Source Panel (SSP)* - which allows to track the respondents’ media and Internet consumption under conditions of people’s natural behavior at home and out of it.

Usage of a dual screen while watching the TV has become the media trend of recent years. It means that the viewers not just watch the TV but simultaneously use smartphones and tabs for communication in messengers, for news checking or for other websites and apps. Single Source Panel provides a good overview of the modern TV viewing with the usage of dual screen.

Female TV viewers are inevitably distracted by phone calls, messengers, social networks and email clients, nno matter what is the daytime and what TV channel do they watch. In fact, SSP records that the viewers most often use apps for talking while watching the TV.

Due to SSP, it has been found that the majority of the viewers is distracted by smartphones while watching the entertainment, movies and series.

The survey has shown that TV viewing style and use of the dual screen differs among the men and the women. For instance, the women have a significantly wider list of programs than the men. The women can watch TV and make online purchases, play and check the mail. The men, in turn, use the messengers and social networks.  

Men and women alike long and often use the smartphone while watching Soviet movies and humor shows. At the same time, frequency and length of smartphone usage among men and women while watching contemporary movies and entertaining shows are the most different.

“Transformation of the modern TV viewing, including the active usage of the dual screen, dictates new requirements for dealing with the audience and brings additional claims for efficient media planning, - Inna Afanasenko, the Head of Panel Research Department, comment on the survey. – However, it is hard to estimate ATL and BTL investment efficiency without ROI indicator, even under the most successful targeting of an ad campaign. Due to the consumer scan panel – the basis of SSP, analysis of particular purchases can demonstrate the return on advertising activities: when and how do the investments work, how long are they effective, when do they stop working, what it the ultimate effect on the investments.

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