Business solutions

Reputation audit among influence groups represents a complex brand valuation under preselected options (awareness, industry impact, meeting of expectations, investment attractiveness, etc.). The following institutes usually appear as target audiences of a reputation audit: GR, media, investors, partners, R&D, general public, B2B clients, industry associations and regulators. Reputation audit is wave-like, so we can track the trend data. A company or a brand are usually evaluated against a backdrop of the competitors. 


Research on job satisfaction of the employees and audit of HR brand. The survey touches upon both value and reputation perception of employer brand and working environment evaluation: salary satisfaction, benefits and privileges, corporate climate, promotion and development opportunities, etc. Indicators are examined in comparison to direct and indirect industry competitors. 


Research of existing company's media space by gathering and aggregating (monitoring) information on a company, taken from open online sources. r-Pulse provides an opportunity to evaluate indicators which directly reflect press office's perfomance level: a number of materials, main topics of materials, authors of materials (resources which can contain news or comments about the company of interest), etc. Gathering and aggregation of information is perfomed on a basis of open online platforms: e-media, news agencies, socilal media and forums.


Due diligence of market conditions:

  • Market capacity (measured in value and volume) in real time.
  • Life-cycle stage.
  • PEST Analysis.
  • Share of incumbents, competition level.
  • Market segmentation.
  • Distribution chain analysis.