The annual Romir conference took place on the basis of Rosstat in a new format

10 April 2022

Аt the opening of the Conference, the President of Romir and founder of MILE Group Andrey Milekhin announced the re-branding of the group of companies, the expansion of activities and the transformation into M-Holding.

"Today, as experts, we need to be more accurate and faster, to look for new approaches to research, as old technologies and cases are no longer working. Society is facing new challenges, the globalization of information is increasing, huge amounts of big data need to be verified, calibrated and processed. All of this makes it necessary to take a comprehensive approach to human studies, relying on scientific methods", said Andrey Milekhin, "any study of social processes should be based on representative samples and verified figures, the quality of which is ensured by Federal State Statistics Service."

The Head of Federal State Statistics Service, Pavel Malkov noted that the cooperation between M-Holding and Rosstat has lasted for many years. Cooperation is based on a focus on common goals and objectives, the study of how a person live. Classical methods of statistical research and modern tools that empower researchers are used for this purpose. Interest in everything new, readiness to implement innovative technologies of data collection and processing - another feature that unites Rosstat and M-Holding.

New directions of M-Holding activity provide detailed and regular monitoring of the impact of the socio-economic situation on the person. They include research projects M-Pulse, M-Effect, M-Ration, M-Standard and M-Expert. Within the framework of new projects M-Holding offers big data processing, syndicated research, marketing research, business audit, marketing consulting and other business solutions.

"New projects of M-Holding provide analysis of a person in a real dimension in all main spheres of his life: economic, social, spiritual, political. It is important both for society as a whole and for business - to know what the modern person lives, what his needs, plans, expectations", said Kseniya Payzanskaya, Senior Director of Customer Service at M-Romir.

According to recent research from the M-Pulse project, the successive crises have tested people in all spheres, particularly economic. On the one hand, it weakened the buyer, but on the other it taught to look for favorable offers and to make every effort to keep the quality of life at the same level. Thus, there is the formation of new strategies of saving, a change of attitude towards saving, caution in expectations about the future.

Anastasia Sidorina, the Head of Retail Practice of M-Expert noted that the consumer behavior is reflected, among other things, in the communication of a person with different formats of retail trade. Still popular and large segments remain shops near the house, as they meet the buyer’s request for convenience. But among the actively growing formats can be identified hard discount, which close the need for a low-price offer. Also increase their share in the buyer’s basket and have formed a stable base of loyal online shopping audience. The third significant trend in retail trade is its own brands, which attract people with a good ratio of assortment, quality and price.

However, the study of consumer behaviour is not limited to purchasing characteristics. The new M-Ration project allows you to assess how the purchased products are transformed into a specific plate, when and in what quantities they are consumed by a person, said Lyudmila Fukova, Senior Account Director M-Romir.

Valery Hrapov, the Head of practice "Secret Buyer" presented the possibilities of the syndicated product M-Auto in the field of studying the client experience when buying a new car. In particular, the expert M-Standard told whether it is possible to buy a car at the recommended retail price from the manufacturer, how much dealers add to the cost of the car, and how this affects customer satisfaction. In addition, the methods of influence on buyers, which are used by sellers-consultants, that are now offered by dealers and how to use the practice of "Secret Buyer" you can further understand the market and the person with his needs.

Viktor Maltsev, the Head of practice "Services" M-Romir, presented the product M-Effect designed for testing advertising. Special attention was paid to the fundamental methodological approach of M-Holding based on reliable and transparent analytical tools. "The impossibility to see the mechanism of work of "secret" proprietary methods which are black boxes, takes us away from the scientific approach to the study of man in the field of magic and faith", said the expert. The moderator of the meeting, Executive director of M-Holding, Inna Karaeva summarized that with the current abundance of unstructured information, a single source of data, such as M-Holding, is especially valuable.

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