“Fresh fruits and vegetables” key trends of shopper behavior

26 October 2020

Romir research holding analyzed the data on household consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. In general, fresh fruits and vegetables play a key role within the total FMCG food sector: 29% of baskets of food categories contain purchases of fruits and or vegetables. Moreover, the average value of baskets containing fresh fruits and or vegetables is 81% higher than those not containing these products. Over the past year, one average household bought these categories 85 times (purchase frequency) and spent on average 128 rubles per purchase. YTD, we see an increase in spent on these categories over YTD -1.

There is seasonality in the purchases of this category, in general, purchases peak during the second quarter of every year, however, since the outbreak of the pandemic we have witnessed increases in every quarter vs last year. During Covid’19 times the increase we have seen is higher than the forecasted ones. If for the 1st quarter the difference was 4% (over forecasted) then during the 2nd quarter, it was up to 17%.

The leading retailers for the purchases (from) of these categories are Pyaterochka (26%), Magnit (22%), and Lenta (9%). All these retailers have experienced increases in sales value. It is worth mentioning that the e-commerce channel has also experienced an increase in sales: comparing MAT Aug 20 vs MAT Aug 19 we see 3 points increase in customer base and an increase in spent for these categories. The average basket value increased by 22%, the frequency of purchase increased by 5%. Penetration (availability) of these categories (within the e-commerce channel) increased by 81% Q2 2020 vs Q2 2019.

When asked to mention which factors have the most effect on where to shop from, location came in as the first factor (69%), acceptable pricing came in second (64%) and width of assortment third (61%). Also, 40% of shoppers mentioned the cleanliness of the premises is an important factor too.

Making her closing remarks on this matter, Client Service Director Anastasia Sidorina mentioned, “Since the start of the pandemic we have seen an increase in the attention that shoppers pay to these categories. Consumers started paying more attention to their health and wellbeing, these are among the key factors that worry the Russians these days, and thus the more attention paid to fresh fruits and vegetables which in turn enhance one's health and wellbeing, and Russians are not ready to economize or cut spending on their health and wellbeing”.


*Romir Consumer Scan Panel is Romir's own signature unique system solution. The research aims to collect and analyze trend data on the consumption of urban households. It was launched in 2007. Verified data has been provided to clients since January 2008. The research covers more than 40 000 consumers in more than 220 cities of Russia with a population of over 10 000 people.


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